Le Cygne Blanc - Pondicherry guest house

Welcome to Le Cygne Blanc - guest house, Pondicherry

Le Cygne Blanc guest house have been serving the guests from July 2014 in Pondicherry. It is located very close to the white town, opposite to Railway station. We provide economical accommodation to spend your Vacation in calm and serene surroundings. Our guest house was owned by
Mr. Bala Punniapaul, from Kerala. He has very good experience in the hospitality industry. The name Le Cygne Blanc was derived from his mother's name "Annama". Our guest house is registered. We will soon open a restaurant and a cottage in Parunthumpara near Theekkdi (Kerala).

On the first floor, we have 6 beautiful rooms which are fully furnished and have an attached private bathroom for each rooms. And one room is in the ground floor. All rooms have neat beds, air conditioner, night lamps, table chairs, ceiling fan, hanger, water heater and western toilets. Wifi internet connection is available for your laptops or you could use our computer for browsing the internet.

We have a big living room and a common kitchen in the ground floor, with all equipments where you can cook your own food. Or we could help you to get a chef to cook your food. Breakfast is available on a 1-day prior order.

We give 10% discount on room rents after 15 days of stay. We have round-the-clock security guards for your protection.

Le Cygne Blanc guest house is located in the centre of the city. Most of the landmarks like beach, railway station, restaurants, markets, bakery, shops, temples, mosques and churches are at a walkable distances. We give advices regarding the restaurants, ayurvedic massage, taxi, yoga, sight-seeing etc.

Love, care, safety and cleanliness are the key factors in our guest house in Pondicherry. Your satisfaction is our priority. Come and enjoy the home stay.

How to reach
Ask for the Pondicherry Railway station and after reaching there - ask for the "Ellaiamman kovil corner".
From there you could reach us just in a 2 min walk.

For Bookings
Send your mails to: lecygneblancpondy@yahoo.com, cpl4032000@yahoo.co.in